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Valentine's Day
Brunch 9am-4pm
Dinner 5:30pm-11pm

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The Cedilla
La Vie en Rose for Valentine's Day
Edith Piaf made this song famous and we hope to make this special Valentine's Day menu part of your celebration.

With black truffles, scallops and raspberry-rose ice cream woven into the four course evening, we hope you'll join us for this romantic dinner. Click here to view all the selections from our menu.

Did you ever wonder what the little curly-q under the C in Comme Ça is? It’s called a cedilla and it’s an accent used to soften the sound of a C. It makes a C special.

On our website, The Cedilla is where you can find the latest news and happenings at the restaurant. From new menu items to updates on special events, it’s all here.