Lunch 11:30am-3pm
Dinner 5:30pm-11pm
Saturday & Sunday
Brunch 10am-3pm
Dinner 5:30pm-11pm

Valentine's Day
Brunch 9am-4pm
Dinner 5:30pm-11pm

TEL: 323.782.1104
FAX: 323.782.1160

David Myers’ vision for a modern French brasserie came to life in October 2007. With his successful fine dining restaurant Sona just south on La Cienega Boulevard, comme Ça joined the family with a bang.

Throughout the day, our kitchen serves up unabashedly great classics with the freshest ingredients that are locally farmed wherever possible. David Myers and his team create Parisian staples like pain perdu, bouillabaisse and duck confit. Start with a rich frisée salade aux lardons or fresh oysters from our raw bar. Finish with a tempting dessert.

If you’re feeling adult, explore our bar program named “18a” after the 18th Amendment. Prohibition forced people to get creative and with that in mind, our drinks reflect the renegade speakeasy spirit. We craft our cocktails from scratch and we shape our ice by hand. We use small-batch distillery spirits because we prefer their artisanal personality. Let us wow you with our drinks.

For nibbling either before or after a meal, our cheese bar stocks a selection of wheels and blocks from as far as across the globe to as close as right next door. We plate carefully considered combinations with a plethora of accompaniments as well as offer all of our selections for enjoying at home. Rich and aromatic, the cheese bar will have you captivated.

Every facet of the restaurant is a result of David Myers’ focus on detail, excellence and creativity. The comme Ça team awaits your arrival.